Has digitalisation impacted the pen industry? Find out

Has digitalisation impacted the pen industry? Find out

One important point to note is that the pen industry is leveraging technology and digital platforms to drive financial growth and enhance customer engagement in several ways.


Digitalisation is challenging several industries and the pen industry too has been impacted by it. However, there are different ways in which digitalisation is opening up doors of opportunities and the only thing that manufacturers need to do is to gather up a little courage and take a step into the future. Also, experts feel that traditional pens still hold value and will continue to be in demand.


Digitalisation has indeed impacted the pen industry in several ways. While pens continue to be used for writing and drawing purposes, Shalin Gandhi, Founder of Submarine Pens Pvt Ltd. feels that the rise of digital technology and the widespread adoption of digital devices have influenced the demand for pens and changed the dynamics of the industry like the emergence of digital pens, Integration with digital devices and specialized pens for digital art, etc. 


"It's important to note that while digitization has impacted the pen industry, traditional pens still hold value and continue to be used by many individuals, particularly for activities such as note-taking, journaling, sketching, and signing documents. The industry has adjusted to cater to both digital and traditional pen users, offering a diverse range of products to meet different needs," Gandhi said.


According to Gandhi, Submarine Pens has experienced significant financial growth over the past few years. In FY22, the company achieved remarkable progress, marked by notable increases in revenue and profitability. "However, looking ahead to FY23, we anticipate even more substantial growth. Based on our analysis and market trends, we project a remarkable 40% growth rate for FY23 compared to FY22. This projection reflects our strong market position, successful strategies, and the continuous expansion of our customer base. With a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence, Submarine Pens is poised for a highly promising financial performance in the upcoming year," he said.


In a highly competitive market, companies like Submarine Pens stand out and have achieved financial success due to factors like an extensive collection of metal pen designs. "This diverse range of designs caters to a variety of customer preferences and allows us to offer unique and customized solutions," Gandhi added.


Additionally, innovation has played a crucial role in making the industry still stay relevant. "We have introduced cutting-edge innovations in the pen industry, including the Coffee Series, the Crystal Series by Preciosa, Promotional Series, Wooden Pens, and the Acrylic Series. These innovations have not only captured the attention of customers but have also positioned us as pioneers in the industry. In fact, we were the first company in India to generate such groundbreaking ideas and bring them to market." 


Talking about the role of innovation in the industry, Gandhi said it has played a significant role in the financial growth of our company, particularly in the pen segment. "Both retail and corporate customers are always seeking new and innovative products, and we have responded to this demand by introducing unique offerings. One example of our new product development is the launch of coffee fragrance pens. These pens have gained popularity among customers who appreciate the novelty and pleasant aroma they provide."


One important point to note is that the pen industry is leveraging technology and digital platforms to drive financial growth and enhance customer engagement in several ways.

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