How the customized and personalized pen industry can give India’s gifting culture a quirky twist

How the customized and personalized pen industry can give India’s gifting culture a quirky twist

The gifting industry in India is anticipated to grow from $119 million in 2019 to $159 million in 2025, according to a report by the market research firm TechSci Research. The market for gifts is split into two categories: corporate gifting and personal gifting, with the former making up 80% of it. The overall expansion of the gifting industry in India is being disrupted by the rise of a digital economy and the rising per capita income of millennials. This allows customers to shop online with ease and satisfaction.


Furthermore, personalization in the gifting sector has been rising quickly as more people are focusing on buying gifts that are particularly meant to make loved ones feel special and strengthen personal ties. Market participants are thus planning, developing, and delivering finished products at incredible speeds because of growing digitization and advanced production techniques and technology.
Innovations in the gifting industry: The emergence of the customized and personalized pen


Customized pens are a fantastic corporate present for your deserving staff members or for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, etc. These make the perfect present for both genders, male and female.


The reason? It combines usefulness, style, and affordability (or luxury) into one wonderful present that also gives you the choice to engrave any message you like.
Personalized pens can provide a unique touch to India’s gift-giving tradition.


Pens that are customized are sophisticated

Is there anything more exciting than taking out a pen that has your personal information on it? A monogrammed pen is one of those simple details that makes a big impact, just like watches, cufflinks, and matching your shoes to your bags.


A personalized pen not only conveys a sense of readiness and traditional elegance, but it also gives the impression that you have authority. Doctors, lawyers, and well-known public figures frequently have to sign documents, and the choice of pen makes a difference.

An object made tangible in the digital age

Nowadays, we use our computers and phones a lot to jot down thoughts, but there’s something special about a pen. For example, many people believe that writing their ideas down in pen and ink improves their thinking—something that a computer screen just cannot duplicate.
Despite this, the majority of us do not own pens that bear our names.


Why personalized pens?

Indeed, customized pens are a fantastic branding tool. Make them beneficial to your company by raising brand recognition and keeping your solution at the forefront of the minds of those who write with your pen long after that event has ended.


Yet personalized gifts serve a slightly different purpose. They make the recipient aware of their individuality—having a set of pens exclusively for them is quite amazing. If you're putting together a gift for someone with a unique name that’s hard to find in gift shops, you receive bonus points.


Making things more personal also makes it possible for you to show this person how much you care about them. Chances are the recipient of the gift, whether it be an employer, a friend, a relative, or anybody else, will be overjoyed to learn that you went above and beyond to have something personalized.


This alone shows that you took the time to select the ideal present rather than just browsing the store.


A style there for everyone

Everyone has a favourite pen type, whether it be a gel pen or permanent marker, an extravagant pen with vintage inkwells, or a ballpoint pen. When you buy a pen, it’s critical to know for whom you are buying the gift.


A heavier pen may feel more secure and give the writer more control, which is a desirable quality, but if you’re buying it for someone with little hands, for instance, it could be challenging for them to hold onto.


Also take the person’s personal style into account. For instance, you can customize pens to match the recipient’s accessories. Think of their general colour scheme, shoes, and handbags. Pens with coloured ink and a distinctive exterior might appeal to someone who genuinely loves prints and vivid colours.


To conclude

Whether you wish to convey your gratitude to your staff, clients, teachers, friends, or loved ones, gifting customized pens is a fantastic option for everyone on the list. The versatility of the pens to inspire creativity by encouraging the recipient to write something in this digital age is what makes them even more unique.

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