Exclusive writing instruments for special opportunities.

Prestige Personified

Flawlessly crafted using precious metals and a solid gold nib, Submarine premium is a prestigious, yet still contemporary choice.

Gift For Generations

Be inspired by our writing instruments: elegant pens that bring pleasure to handwriting and highlight the personal nature of your script.

Emblem Of Excellence

Submarine ingenuity uses breakthrough innovation to intuitively adapt to each user’s handwriting style, resulting in an exceptional writing experience.

Our Story

Who we are

For over two decades, Submarine Pens have been continuously setting higher standards in innovation, quality, style, range and durability. We are leaders in metal pens that not only look exquisite but write smoothly and gracefully as well. Submarine is committed to producing quality writing instruments that satisfy the writing needs of an individual.

Submarine has India’s largest range of high performance roller pens and ballpoint pens in different ink colours and at a variety of price points. Be it a school kid, a college student, a young professional or a senior executive, there is a Submarine pen for everyone.


Spirit of our founder.

Shalin Gandhi, founder of the Submarine brand, always drove his company’s success through the use of innovation. As he famously put it: “It will always be possible to make a better pen”.

Over the years, Shalin has been recognized as an innovator, continuing this tradition of innovation with its designs, pen constructions, materials and shapes.


Art of making pens.

Inspiration can come from almost any element imaginable, whether plant, animal, metallic or synthetic. Real know-how comes in using each element to achieve the finest aesthetic and most luxurious result.

This unique spirit of craftsmanship allows the creation of unique pens using any shape and material we want, and allows customers to personalize their pens.


  • The look and feel of the Pens supplied have been highly appreciated by our customers and sales executives too. It is rare to find value for money promotional products anywhere else but submarine pens matched more than our expectations.

    Anil Daryani
  • We had an unusual deadline for these pens but it all came together and we got them in good time. This is the second time we have used Submarine Pens and we will definitely do so again. Thank you very much!

    Neelesh Kamat
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