Our Story .

For over two decades, Submarine Pens have been continuously setting higher standards in innovation, quality, style, range and durability. We are leaders in metal pens that not only look exquisite but write smoothly and gracefully as well.

We are committed to producing quality writing instruments that satisfy the writing needs of an individual. Submarine has India’s largest range of high performance roller pens and ballpoint pens in different ink colours and at a variety of price points. Be it a school kid, a college student, a young professional or a senior executive, there is a Submarine pen for everyone.

Submarine Pens pride itself on being a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality writing instruments in India. Our sales continue to grow year after year because of the quality of our products and the innovation of our Research and Development teams.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Submarine, a leading manufacturer of high quality writing instruments since 1995, brings you the power to express your thoughts, ideas, feelings and visions. A cohesive focus on innovation, exquisite designs, wid range and durability are a part of our overall vision. Our Metal body pens, manufactured with high precision not only look exquisite but also write smoothly and elegantly.

Submarine Pens are a well-knit combination of design excellence, elegance and innovation. Submarine is the perfect way to revel in your power to express. Our Submarine Pens are available across India in Retail Markets and we supply to Corporate with their Branding on Pens. Branding and Colour can be done as per customer requirement. Laser marking on pens with Personalized Name can be done.