Demand for professional, innovative stationery surges in corporate gifting sector to nourish business relationships

Demand for professional, innovative stationery surges in corporate gifting sector to nourish business relationships

The global gifting market is estimated to be worth USD 475 billion, and India is expected to be one of the strongest contributors by 2024. The gifting industry in the country is expected to touch USD 84 billion by 2024, up from USD 65 million, with corporate gifting enjoying a major section of the market, accounting for more than 80 percent of all gifting items.


Why is corporate gifting important for business?

Corporate gifting has become an integral part of running a modern business, and, in short, it is the act of gifting clients and employees on behalf of the business. Giving a corporate gift to an employee is increasingly common and has a positive impact on customer loyalty, growth, and recommendation. Corporate gifting has grown to be a significant part of many businesses’ cultures. If the organisation is performing well, opportunities could arise as a result of fostering stronger ties with its most important clients and employees, forging new relationships, building goodwill, and furthering the company’s objectives.

By giving corporate gifts, businesses can raise brand awareness, develop B2B relationships, maintain customer loyalty, and generate more leads.

A few quintessential points companies must consider while selecting corporate gifts are:

  • Understanding the need: Selecting different gifts for different clients could be
  • Recognizing the need: Choosing unique presents for each client could be time-consuming. However, it is crucial to look for items that are culturally appropriate and offered by reputable merchants.
  • Personalization is key: The majority of corporate gifts are adorned with the name, tagline, and logo of the recipient's business to make a lasting impression. Quality gifts must be taken into account by the business to increase personalization.
  • Timing: Although most businesses like to offer presents around December, they can also be given on other significant occasions. A business needs to be aware of the appropriate contacts who can offer them the appropriate items. In the long run, this will assure brand recognition and motivate the staff to work more.
  • Think about your options: There are countless choices available in the market for corporate gifts. To enable customers to assess the products based on their inventiveness and cost-effectiveness, it is vital to gather these sellers under one roof.


Innovative stationery is great for corporate gifts

The use of stationery is no longer limited to institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. Good stationery lends the business a sense of professionalism. It fosters a sense of legitimacy and trust among the customers, clients, and staff. The corporate sector is reportedly the second-highest user of stationery and other writing materials, even though the education sector continues to have a large need for stationery. High-quality stationery is a fantastic choice for business gifts. Companies can come up with personalised options to strengthen their branding, ranging from multipurpose tabletop, desk, and card holders to diary organisers and pen sets.


Why a customised pen makes the perfect corporate gift

Apart from being practical, they also make meaningful presents. You can change a standard pen into a luxurious branded pen to create a present that will truly impress, whether you give it to a client or employee or use it to promote your business at an event.

A personalised pen is a thoughtful corporate gift that will stay with the recipient for a long time and make a big impact. Each time the receiver uses the pen to make a note, they will be reminded of your company visually.

Anyone would be proud to use a luxury corporate pen, whether it is branded with a logo or personalised with a name.


Companies can use pens for gifting to:



  • Christmas gifts for clients
  • Gifts for visiting clients or clients you are visiting
  • Delegate gifts
  • Promotional gifts
  • Marketing products



  • Retirement gifts for employees
  • Thank you gifts for staff (employee appreciation)
  • Gifts rewarding employee loyalty
  • Gifts encouraging employees to continue to work hard
  • Gifts to celebrate employee promotions
  • Gifts to commemorate staff anniversaries
  • Gifts for employee birthdays
  • Pharma companies also gift pens to doctors as a brand reminder
  • Christmas gifts for employees


To conclude

As much as traditional gifts like sweets, cash, and greeting cards are deeply rooted in Indian society, corporate businesses are trying to up their game by exploring innovative stationery options that will help them build strong relationships with their employees and create better brand recall opportunities with their clients. Companies, be it big or small, are going out of the way to attract both their employees, customers, business associates, and other benefactors. But buying the right kind of corporate gift is crucial as it is a way to bring value to customers, business partners, and staff members.

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